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Best Fence Paint  

Fence paint is not only used to protect the wood from all weather conditions, it also had a significant cosmetic effect that turn an old, dry, drab looking fence into an attractive feature to enhance your garden once again.

With a large range of manufacturers and choices to choose from, buying the best fence paint is just like choosing any product - you need to look at quality, price and durability.

To get a long lasting, protected fence, the best fence paint to use can depend on the current state of your fence - and just like most diy jobs, the key is in the preparation.

If you have an existing fence with no finish on the surface, the best surface preperation is going to be to pressure wash it or sand it to bring the wood back to as close to a blond finish as possible.

If you have an existing fence with a previously treated paint finish, ideally the paint should be removed by sanding, but you can usually get away with removing loose or flaking paint.  Then, if you apply more than one coat of a good quality fence paint or stain - it should  cover the pre-existing paint. 

If an existing fence has a previously stained finish, then you can prepare the surface in the same way as if no finish has been applied to the surface.  Alternatively if the stain is less than a few years old you should be able to apply your new fence paint directly over the existng stain if you ensure the surface is dry and free from dirt or dust.

If you have a brand new fence then obviously little preperation should be required except to use a stiff brush to ensure the surface is dry and free from dirt or dust.

Types of Fence Paint

  • Acrylic Stains - A high quality stain can last about 5 years when applied to a well prepared surface.  The good thing about stains is that they require no primer and are naturally mildew resistant.  They are easy to apply and re-coat with minimal surface perperation.
  • Acrylic Paint/Varnish - This is very similar in composition to a stain but will generally last longer.  However its recommended that you use a primer on bare wood to ensure it lasts, so not always ideal.
  • Oil Based Products - These do not generally last as long as acrylic stains or paints and can take longer to apply, with multiple coats recommended.  Although this can give a very nice looking finish it will not last as long as a stain or acrylic latex based paint.

So, overall the best fence paint to go for would be an acrylic stain.  Based on our own testing as well as expert reviewers and customer feedback, these three fence paint manufacturers are our top three choices.  Click on a link to be taken to the review page

Alternatively, just go ahead and order your fence paint online to save both money - and that trip to the hardware store.